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Science of Creativity

Workforce Live Chicago


Come see us at the Workforce Live Chicago Event – September 1, 2016 – Four Seasons Hotel Chicago

Workforce Live will address a wide range of people management matters, such as big data at work; employee engagement; talent acquisition; benefits and wellness; and flexible work policies.

Our past speakers have included: Davey Nickels, people analytics manager at Google; Maureen McDonald, executive director of human resources at Dell; and Sidney Chapon, senior vice president of people and operations at Leo Burnett, and many more.

All attendees will receive a complimentary white paper developed by Human Capital Media Research & Advisory Services that addresses the state of the HR industry, based upon data collected by the Workforce magazine Business Intelligence Board.

We’re looking forward to another exciting lineup of speakers for the coming year. So wake up with us at a city near you. We’ll provide the coffee — and plenty of food for thought.