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Why Improvisation?


By Kelly Leonard – Executive Director, Insights and Applied Improvisation

In about 45 minutes I’m heading downstairs at this conference center somewhere outside of Denver, to deliver a keynote. When we had our conference call to discuss the event, the folks running this conference were bemoaning the fact that no one talks to each other anymore – it’s all direct messages, emails and texts.

Here’s a snippet from the speech:

” Why is improvisation important? Because we are a culture increasingly tied to screens, where the art of conversation and interpersonal communication is often left untaught and unexplored in favor of a faster shortcut, a better cheat code or the latest algorithms. Because our new found connectivity finds us so often unconnected to the most important information we need when working with our clients and our co-workers. Because we want to be happy in our work and improvisation gives us methods by which we can bring joy not only to our own work, but to the work of others.”

Looking forward to talking to humans

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