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Ready for Hillary Clinton, Trump and Dealing with Rats – Tracy Sefl


KellyLeonard connects with Tracy Sefl, a longtime political consultant who has served in war rooms for two presidential campaigns as well as acting as a senior advisor for Hilary Clinton. Get the inside scoop from her on the current election.

TRACY SEFL is a nationally recognized, independent communications consultant with particular expertise in elite media messaging and Democratic issue advocacy. As a media specialist, the New York Times has noted her ability to create media “without fingerprints.” As a senior-level consultant, she has been commended for applying strong media sensibilities across diverse client teams and issue sets. She advises advocacy groups, labor unions, Fortune 500 companies, political candidates and campaigns with whom she has managed major media campaigns, developed messaging and positioning for corporate leadership, led communications for top-tier issue campaigns, and battled in the high-pressure “war rooms” for two presidential and several other Democratic campaigns.She currently serves as a senior advisor to the SuperPAC Ready for Hillary.

leadership,  We have leaders that dictate and command



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