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Virtual Reinforcement Training Retention for your Workforce, Delivered to Their Desks

A world class athlete doesn’t stay on top by sitting on the sidelines and talking about past wins – they know it takes repeated exercise and dedicated focus to maintain their success. We can’t guarantee you a spot at the next Olympics, but we do know that skills like storytelling, agility, and listening are behaviors you need to practice to put into action and make into habits. You probably already know all this, but your daily tasks stack up and it’s hard to fit that practice into your 9-5.

But what if the practice came to you instead? is a virtual training platform designed to deliver learning in a way that reflects the values inherent to Second City Works – discovery, interactivity, and engagement. Programs use a blend of instructor-led and self-paced modules to reinforce learning on an ongoing basis. Want to see how digital learning can look and feel different? Contact us for a demo.

  • Learning our way, at your fingertips
  • Virtual training that reinforces key concepts and creates opportunities for practice
  • Small cohorts enable focused attention and individual feedback
  • Learners build from low-stakes scenarios to high-stakes applicability

Change behavior without booking flights

Aligning calendars for a busy team is no-one’s idea of a good time. Take the pressure off a single day by working with us to select slots of time that fit into your schedule, and cancel that call to your travel agent.

Contact us to learn more.

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