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Sales Training & Development

Improv Can Improve Your Sales Training & Development (See What We Did There?)

Selling is an act of improvisation, and business in general is more akin to comedy than you might think. Which is good news since that means we can teach you how to capitalize on all that humorous goodness and bolster your sales training. We use improv to draw people in, set context for issues, make better connections, and get buy-in from customers, which is a win-win-win-win.

The most effective sellers know when to set aside their agenda and be in the moment.

– Meagan O’Brien, Facilitator and Designer

How not to be a soulless robot and win your audience.

Reading a script is fine if you’re rehearsing for a movie. In sales, there is more to dazzling a prospect and winning new business than reading lines off the presentation Marketing gave you. Sales training with Second City Works applies improv to sales with experiential exercises that make your customer interactions better. Sellers need empathy to build rapport, agility to respond to curveballs, and resiliency to bounce back from no. Add our personality to the experience to make training stick.

  • Here’s how the best sellers use improv (whether they know it or not):
  • Listen to and collaborate with the customer to generate real emotion
  • Forget about the “agenda” and have authentic conversations
  • Tell your tale with the power of concise stories to bring life to data
  • Demonstrate a transformation that drives customer action

Let’s co-create to turn sales training into sales learning.

Sales isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. It’s riddled with challenges. When faced with competitive challenges in the market, you’ll need the dexterity and storytelling prowess only an improviser can bring. We provide an environment to build these critical skills and a low stakes arena to practice them. It is sure to churn up excitement and newfound energy for your teams – and ultimately, your customers. Contact us to learn more!

We also offer  Seller Training and Compliance Efficacy for pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

View the ‘Seller Superpowers’ your teams will gain with sales training from Second City Works.

Contact us to learn more.

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