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RealBiz Shorts – Talent Development

Leaders Need Learning Reinforcement, Too

No one is really a natural born leader. Except for maybe Martin Luther King, Jr., but we’re sure he’s not reading this. Most leaders need learning reinforcement, because all those performances reviews and leadership development programs are for naught if leaders fall back on the same bad habits. This is where RealBiz Shorts Talent Development comes in handy. Through our library of short, funny, and engaging videos, we provide leaders with that extra burst of educational lightning they need at the most opportune moment. The best leaders improvise every day. Help them take it a step further with RealBiz Shorts. Watch the video below for an example, then contact us to learn more!

  • Reinforce leadership life lessons through laughter and truth
  • Send RealBiz Shorts in talent newsletters, emails, and reminders
  • Take two minutes for video prep before a leadership moment
  • Use videos in live & virtual training to boost engagement

Like a fun-sized candy bar: short, sweet, and satisfying.

Classroom-style learning only goes so far. Most of the time, people end up fiddling on their phones and forget more than they remember. Learners need to apply knowledge where and when they work with tangible lessons that have an impact. With RealBiz Shorts Talent Development, your teams get bite-size videos that are fun, short, and delivered at just the right time — kind of like a fun-sized Snickers bar when you’re dying for a sugar fix.

You bring the talent, we’ll bring the brainstorm.

Our brainstorm would be a lot less productive if we had no talent programs to play off of. You bring the thought leadership, we’ll bring it to life. It’s that simple! There’s no time like the present, right? More than 50 clients have co-created with us and your voice will add another important perspective to our crowdsourcing.

  • RealBiz Shorts cover these topics and more:
  • Performance Feedback
  • Leadership Development
  • Change Management


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