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RealBiz Shorts – Sales Effectiveness

The Field is Where the Magic Happens, and By Magic We Means Sales Learning Reinforcement

True sales effectiveness is only getting more challenging. Stakeholders multiply, price pressure balloons, and client needs change daily. The struggle is real! Facing more obstacles than an asteroid belt, your reps need the proper tools and confidence boost to succeed. Say hello to RealBiz Shorts Sales Effectiveness. The best sales don’t just happen in the field — the best learning retention does, too. With short, funny video content, we provide that extra burst of reinforcement right when you need it most – like right before a sales meeting. And because our library comes from your insight, rest assured the content applies to what your reps face in the market each day.

There’s a time and place for learning, and it’s not just in school.

In comedy, timing is everything. Although every sales conversation is different, the same holds true: sellers need the right reinforcement at the right time to really hit each conversation out of the park. With RealBiz Shorts Sales Effectiveness, you’re equipped with the know-how (and the imaginary bat to hit the imaginary grand slam) to ensure people are learning in the best way possible.

  • Reinforce critical sales learning through laughter and truth
  • Send RealBiz Shorts in sales newsletters, emails, and reminders
  • Take two minutes of seller prep for a quick reminder of the right tactics
  • Use videos in live & virtual training to boost engagement

Business in front, party in the back.

In a way, RealBiz Shorts Sales Effectiveness videos are like mullets. They combine your sales know-how (the business) with our penchant for comedy (the party). By working together harmoniously, we promise the most beautiful hairdo imaginable. Whether it’s a movie trailer about the horror of cold calling or sportscasters highlighting the pain of a deal slipping away, we add Second City to your most pressing sales learning priorities.

  • RealBiz Shorts cover these topics and more:
  • Pipeline management
  • Building customer relationships
  • Effective sales conversations

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Farmers Insurance

Not So Great Expectations - Farmers Insurance Employee Engagement Activities


The Last Mile? Try Starting in the Middle

The Last Mile? Try Starting in the Middle

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