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Product Launches

We’ll Get You From “Failure to Launch” to “Lift Off!”

With all the time and energy spent developing new products, you’d think companies would be better about internal product launches. And yet, boring e-blasts and spec sheet training flood the inboxes. That’s where we come in!  With custom comedy and live events to add some flair to product launches, we create engaging material that stands out in a sea of spam. 

Prepping for successful product launches is a lot like putting up a show. A positive ‘Yes, And’ mindset stokes team creativity and gets everyone contributing and completely vested in the delivering best possible outcome!

– Lee Smart, Facilitator

Let’s Pinocchio the heck out of these scenarios.

We’re done emailing out data that no one will read. It’s time to improvise real-life situations and potential results for your product launches. It’s simple, really. Just provide us with a situation and different outcomes and we’ll act everything out for you. We’ll incorporate your team’s experience right into the scenes – we’ve done it on stage for 55+ years. A discussion, feedback, and reactions – all designed to generate the excitement your launches need.

  • A few ways we make launches awesome
  • Make room for hilarity with game shows and improv-based learning
  • Create engaging sketches that convey product information memorably
  • Build compelling stories your teams can deliver long after we’ve left

Game shows beat PowerPoints any day.

The drudgery of slides is over. Make room for comedy as we incorporate custom improv techniques to energize a routine that’s typically far too zzzzzzzz-inducing. We’ll help you engage with your audience and share information about new products in ways that are as fun as they are descriptive. We wrap knowledge and product information up in a package that is interactive, engaging, and fun. Remember fun? Fun misses you. Back away from the PowerPoint, and come back to fun!

Contact us to learn more.

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