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Presentation Skills

Move Beyond Those Awkward Techniques For Mastering Presentation Skills

Public speaking and presenting can be terrifying. It’s often cited as a greater phobia for Americans than death. If you’re one of those people who would rather be dead than presenting, partnering with Second City Works to come back to life is the best approach!

Presence and poise are communicated through the body’s language, which always speaks louder than words.

– Robyn Scott, Facilitator and Actor

Let’s face it. Even if you have the best content in the world, no one will pay attention if your delivery is dull and emotionless. You need to speak with feeling! Show your audience the passion you have about your message. Be one with the crowd. Don’t picture them in their underwear. That’s creepy. Communicate with your audience instead of at your audience.

  • The presentation skills we help you master:
  • Using voice, gestures, pacing, and eye contact as means to enhance delivery
  • Presenting with confidence and determination
  • Reading the crowd to adjust your message and delivery accordingly
  • Connecting with your audience through emotion and passion

Bringing authenticity and humanity back to presentation skills

Remember, we’re all humans here. This is a lot to tackle, and we all need practice to improve. To make your presentations as effective as possible, we co-create the right program for your teams. From one-day programs to ongoing coaching, our Second City-trained facilitators will not only help you face the fear, they will help you use the fear to create compelling messaging. We always start with an introduction to how improv skills make for authentic presenting, and then dive into application and feedback. It’s much better than an introductory icebreaker, don’t you think?

Looking to start down the right path? View the Presenter’s Spotlight, our keys for effective presenting. Then contact us to learn more, and we’ll bring our best to you.

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