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Performance Feedback

How To Make Performance Feedback Less Painful Than a Dental Procedure

Done right, people can look forward to performance feedback, not fear and dread it like an impending root canal. And yet, the annual review is a notoriously miserable experience. To boot, it’s not even very effective. That’s probably because of the ‘annual’ and ‘review’ parts. Great feedback is ongoing and requires an improviser’s communication and listening skills.

Feed the group ego. Look for opportunities to provide what’s needed and support others.

– Lindsay Leese, Facilitator

Not to pat ourselves on the back, but we’re good at this.

Fostering great talent is what we do. Have been for 55+ years. A big part of our success stems from effective feedback, making sure we provide real-time insights to make our actors (and teams) achieve greatness. As a result, we’ve honed a fantastic portfolio of award-winning content, geared towards maximizing peer-to-peer, director-to-employee, and audience-to-brand feedback. OK, we’ll pat our backs a little bit.

  • The secret sauce of Second City feedback
  • Give and receive feedback in real time, making it as useful as possible
  • Craft your language and delivery around stories that drive impact
  • Make it personal. Take the time to prepare for each individual.
  • Dish it out, and take it too. Great feedback providers receive it just as well.

Making work better. . .with better feedback.

Our improvisers literally say “got your back” to each cast member before any show. That same orientation can be part of any successful feedback process. At Second City Works, we have a program with live, digital, and web-based learning to build a culture of ongoing, effective feedback. It can instill an environment of trust with present-based feedback based on specific in the moment experiences. Contact us to “yes, and” our program for your team.

Contact us to learn more.

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