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Mergers and Acquisitions

Post-Merger Collaboration, Minus the Regrettable Drunk Decisions

You want to break down walls and build new working relationships after mergers and acquisitions. Creating a business appropriate environment to do that is key. That’s part of what makes our post-merger programming so great. You get to mix and mingle and be happy, without throwing booze into the mix. (There’s always time for that afterwards.)

Laughter is often the ultimate conversation starter. Our comedic sensibilities help to pave the way for a smooth landing when the important messages need to be delivered.

– Sandy Jobin-Bevins, Facilitator

Our programming is a social toolkit, which sounds like a “How To” book for terrified high school students, but is actually a promotional event for boosting collaboration with new colleagues. The key? We communicate messages that people will find useful and actually want to hear. Your teams will be all ears when they are socializing and having a good old time together.

  • Overcome the M&A collaboration challenge
  • Get to the laughter quickly – it entertains and educates
  • Build a Yes, And culture – acknowledge and build on each idea
  • Think beyond the ordinary – no one expects a rock opera (we’ve done it!)

Tricks of the Toolkit Trade

Live, laugh, learn, and laugh some more. It’s a surefire way to keep your audience tuned in. Everyone needs a little comic relief now and then (especially after a merger). Second City Works’ writers, performers, and musical directors can collaborate with you to create the perfect social event experience. We will help you to pinpoint the main “truth” of your company or audience and turn it into engaging, memorable content. From improv games to an actual game show, work with us to make your event the one that increases collaboration, improves morale, and puts the best foot forward for the new company.

Contact us to learn more.

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