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Leadership Offsites

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: What To Do When Your Leadership Offsite Is Neither

There’s an old adage that says we have two ears and one mouth because it’s more important to listen than to talk. That adage author never came to a meeting full of type-A leaders. Putting those accustomed to barking orders from the top down in a collaborative environment and asking them to follow others is a fool’s errand without the right tools from Second City Works.

You gather your high-potential leaders, new directors, and new executives for leadership offsites all the time. How often do those offsites focus on true personal development, in addition to the standard business updates? Even the best leaders need to build trust, think quickly on their feet, make confident decisions, and create ideas through collaboration.  Let us help your leaders follow the followers and encourage and support risk-taking.

  • Why Your Offsite Needs Second City
  • Provide the same inspiration and motivation leaders give their teams
  • Create a space for leaders to communicate and collaborate
  • Build an improv skill set that will last beyond the meeting

Work with us to design the right session for your team.

No need to blow up your agenda. It only needs an improviser’s eye. For your upcoming leadership offsites, save a half day for leader development led by our Second City-trained facilitators. No AV needed, because we believe in real life communication. Wherever you are meeting, we come to you. And if your leaders need to lighten up, too, join us at Second City for a post-offsite show.

We’ll send you an advance Creative Questionnaire to gauge some specifics about the offsite and group. Then we’ll hop on a kick-off call with key stakeholders to fine-tune the details to customize the session for your group. Contact us to make your next offsite one your leaders will look forward to – and remember.

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