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RealBiz Shorts – Ethics and Compliance

How To Laugh Ethically – And Learn Compliance Too!   

Who says ethics can’t be hilarious? If Ethics and Compliance training is going to be mandatory (spoiler alert: it is), then make the most of it. One surefire way to make this typically sluggish process more interesting is with RealBiz Shorts. It sounds like a sexy line of summery office attire, but it’s actually a form of Ethics and Compliance learning that utilizes laughter and truth. Through short, funny videos on topics from Information Security to Workplace Harassment, we take situations that aren’t usually LOL-worthy and make them honest, engaging, and, yes, humorous. That’s how you get the message to stick.

Compliance is like a shark: If it stops, it dies

Compliance never stops. Nor should your learning programs. If they do, say “adios” to all the hard work and effort you put into them. Thanks to RealBiz Shorts’ bite-sized videos, it’s easy to make reinforcement fun and digestible. Nearly 400 companies and over 25% of the Fortune 500 have used RealBiz Shorts Ethics & Compliance videos. Contact us to join the club!

  • Reinforce compliance learning with laughter and truth
  • Place RealBiz Shorts in compliance newsletters, blogs, and emails
  • Use videos in live & virtual training to boost engagement
  • Drive traffic to the compliance resources and policies teams need

Comedy and anti-corruption go hand-in-hand

Don’t let our comedy facade fool you — we know quite a bit about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Because we co-create with our clients, we know more about anti-corruption laws than we ever thought we would! We couldn’t do all this without you, and we learn from the best. More than 150 clients have co-created with us, and nearly 400 have subscribed to RealBiz Shorts Ethics & Compliance to boost their compliance programs. Are you next? Say yes. Co-create with us!

  • ReaBiz Shorts cover these topics and more:
  • Culture of Compliance
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Fraud and Accurate Reporting
  • Industry-specific content for Life Sciences and Energy

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