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Data vs. Insight

You’ve Got an Insight, Now What Do You Do With It?

Too often in today’s marketing landscape, an ‘observation’ is labeled an ‘insight’ and true insights become lost in a sea of data.  If great research isn’t being acted upon, did it ever really happen at all?

Second City Works believes that teams can better align on what qualifies a true insight and individuals can harness methods to see those insights have an impact.

Second City did a superb job of managing the dynamics and I thought the content was great. Overall, I think that this was one of the very best sessions on insights I’ve been through – and I’ve been through a great many over the years.

– Brad Graham, OMD, Regional Marketing Sciences Director

Behavior awareness and mindfulness are skilled and learned practices.

Second City Works’ Data Vs. Insight sessions combine our foundational knowledge of Audience and Storytelling skills with experiential methods – designed to apply specifically to your organization’s team structure and consumer set. This session is designed to build skills and creative confidence through an interactive laboratory for developing the muscles that build insights.  Participants acquire skills that enable creative connections and deeper thinking into their jam-packed work weeks.

  • Learn To:
  • Recognize a fact versus and insight.
  • Elevate Data into Insightful thinking.
  • Build your ability to use Insight to craft the data story
  • Articulate insights so they are actionable and applicable to your strategic plan – and lead your team to better work
  • Recognize and incorporate company resources in the creation of insights
  • Understand the importance of Insight Building within your particular role

Bring Second City’s Data vs. Insight Program to Your Organization.

This program is a full day session, designed specifically for Marketing, Insights and Product teams.

Let’s discuss where decisions and data intersect for your organization. Contact us.

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