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Change Management

Spoiler alert: change isn’t easy

Learning to cope with change is like a message taught in a Pixar movie. Toy Story, specifically. As people grow and things change, we have to adapt. Otherwise, you’re just a kid with a bunch of dusty toys in the attic. Change isn’t easy, and sometimes difficult conversations need to happen. What you may not know? There are skills that make change management better. Skills like accepting and appreciating the contribution of others, as in the video right below.

Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face.

– Mike Tyson, Professional Boxer

  • Maxims that make change easier
  • Play the scene you’re in, not the scene you want to be in
  • Stay in the moment and respond with confidence
  • The less you plan, the more you will discover

Focus on dialogues over monologues.

Great change management empowers leaders to hear each voice and help people cope with change. Our skill building programs will show you how to tie core messages into your own style. This grounds learning in your language. And here’s another way improv comes in handy for change: it will empower you to go off script. It can help you be more authentic. Authenticity goes a long way. Trust us.

Improv gives you skills to roll with the punches and stay focused, creative, and powerful.

– Mark Sutton, Artistic Director of Learning and Development

Our change management programs will help your teams face the inevitable and move forward effectively, all while shedding minimal tears. We believe in real life communication, so all we need is a room with some chairs to start. You bring the teams; we’ll bring the Second City-trained facilitators. Until then, take a look at how we view change, When You Hit a Wall, Build a Window, and then contact us to get started. Change is constant. Don’t lose time.

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