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Is Your Organization at Risk for Harassment?

We know that in today’s landscape Bully Behavior isn’t just for the schoolyard and Harassment isn’t always obvious.  In a complex and nuanced environment, how do you effectively train your workforces and minimize risk?

Many people still have misconceptions of what truly constitutes workplace harassment or bullying.  For many, they think harassment has to be sexual in nature.  Some view it as an aggression only managers can perpetrate.  And still others have no idea how to report on issues of harassment when they are aware of them.

Second City Works believes we must inform and educate workforces on what behavior constitutes harassment and bullying so that we can continue to build inclusive, supportive organizations.

Behavior awareness and mindfulness are skilled and learned practices.

By offering experiences, unpacking ideas and providing real-world tools, our programs give participants ways to practice behavior awareness and respectful communication. Second City Works has developed 15 short videos that tee up scenarios around Harassment & Bullying as well as ½ and full day curriculums focused on the skills and behaviors surrounding Anti-Harassment.

  • The Videos and Live Learning Focus On:
  • Participating in an inclusive environment
  • Setting boundaries & awareness of others’ boundaries
  • Reporting:  How to have a conversation about a difficult topic (instead of a difficult conversation)
  • Respectful communication
  • Making assumptions or leveraging stereotypes
  • Being aware of personal/professional boundaries
  • Verbal Harassment
  • Respecting confidential information in the workplace

Bring Second City’s harassment program to your organization.

Second City Works operates from a deep catalog of exercises, activities and themes that we use to develop and design our sessions.  Part of our design process is to discuss with you specifics of your organization, your objectives and your focus for the learning.  With that information, we are able to customize our designs to reflect our content, applied to your organization.

Contact us to learn more about this unique approach.

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