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Licensed and 
Co-Created Videos

RealBiz Shorts: The Video Content That Works Like Magic and Won’t Make You Broke

Are you desperate for engaging content? Are your learners tuning out right before the critical point, or forgetting the point soon after? If this were high school, that would mean detention. But since this is the workplace, it’s best to seek other solutions. Seek no further than RealBiz Shorts, the funny, short, shareable video content from Second City Works. These engaging online learning videos not only address your most relevant learning topics, but they’re designed by you — and a few hundred of your corporate peers. It’s precisely the kind of memorable learning reinforcement your teams crave. Learners want the key points quickly, and you want them to remember them. Have your cake and eat it, too, with RealBiz Shorts. If you’re curious to learn more — and you should be — contact us for a preview.

  • Every video reinforces the point in two minutes or less
  • Short, funny, and engaging content – magic words in today’s business world
  • We use comedy to bring out the truth — even on difficult topics
  • Your learners will want to share each video — a novelty in training

We know improv. You know you. Let’s join forces.

We’re good at comedy. You’re good at knowing what your team needs to learn. Together, we can move mountains. Or, at least, allegorical hurdles in the business world. We can do this through RealBiz Shorts.

Every video is generated from your ideas. You’re involved at every step, from topic suggestion to script reviews (we won’t make you produce the videos, we promise). Click here to co-create with us!

A subscription that won’t crush your budget.

When you and a bunch of others contribute, you get lots of content for not lots of money. That’s a math formula everyone can get on board with. You get enterprise access to every video in the library, and you’ll never have to worry about us counting clicks. We like sharing, and your budgets do, too. And we all could use a little more laughter around the office.

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My Kids Are The Best Improv Teachers I Know

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