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Hands-On Learning

Hands-On Learning

Corporate Learning Shouldn’t Keep Its Hands to Itself

If your teams need to be more agile, creative, collaborative, innovative, and resilient, they won’t learn that from a textbook. Our immersive, experiential onsite hands-on learning speaks to the increasing diversity of our workforce. It’s no longer, “Will it play in Peoria?” It’s “Will it play in Boston, Berlin, Sheboygan and Shanghai?” Second City Works can change the game.

The facilitator was very masterful about putting people at ease and making it a fun, risk-free learning environment. In fact, several of the folks who appeared so reluctant at first really came out of their shells during the activities.

– Joseph Anderson, Senior Consultant, Talent Development, Sun Life Financial

Boost employee engagement with real learning.

Improvisation gives people real practice in building the skills to make them better listeners and better team members. It instills an increased openness to new ideas and builds confidence and empathy. This is active and impactful learning, an experiential laboratory to learn and practice these critical skills. Join with us to create leaders and teams that will flourish where others are flailing through this hands-on learning approach.

  • The improviser’s toolkit we bring to you
  • Build listening skills to increase understanding and empathy
  • Develop storytelling capabilities that will boost audience resonance.
  • Practice and exercise agility and thinking on your feet.

Keep the audience engaged throughout the experience.

We get it, it’s easy to make fun of corporate workshops. It’s likely we’re doing it right now. But our onsite learning is not only vital for companies looking to gain a competitive edge, it’s actually fun and transformative for the people who do it. Looking to increase your people’s ability to respond to curveballs, to better manage change, and to bounce back from a loss? That’s what improv does, in a nutshell. Come join the 400+ companies that work with us every year.

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Communication Issues? Meet People Where They Are

Communication Issues? Meet People Where They Are

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