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Custom Live Entertainment

Is Your “Corporate Entertainment” as Smart as Your Audience?

You need your corporate event to have impact. Every event should deliver messages that stick and turn purpose into action. At Second City Works, we leverage our core expertise in improvisation and comedy to engage and transform your audience. This isn’t just canned bits. We’ve been engaging audiences for over half a century. It’s not just an art, it’s a skill.

Second City Works customized their training to our group to really provide a high value experience. In half a day Second City gave me three 3 crucial nuggets that I still implement in my life today when it comes to communication AND we had a blast doing it!  This was well worth the time investment.

– Jeff Plakens, EO Member Boston Area

We make it easier and more memorable. 

By customizing content with our talent, you will speak to what’s important and of value to the audience right in front of you. Whether it’s highlighting new products or delivering important company information, you need your audience to actually hear what’s being said. Funny, smart customized content will do just that. Forget the PowerPoint. We’ll bring your business messages to life.

  • Transform your event to connect and engage the audience
  • Generate laughs with custom sketches highlighting your business
  • Showcase your people through talk shows and hosting
  • Change out boredom for experiential learning

Build your organization’s truth throughout your event.

We work with you to identify what’s ‘true’ about your company, your industry, and your audience. Trust us, we’ll get a ton of material. We turn that into content that corporate entertainment that educates, inspires and supports the themes of your event. From compliance to any other topic no one really wants to talk about, we bring your content to life.

Let’s co-create your next event with corporate entertainment from Second City Works.  Improv can make your events more successful – you just don’t know it yet. Contact us to learn more.

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