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Improv(e) Brand Performance

Putting Your Brand In the Spotlight

At Second City Works, we’re breaking down barriers to new ideas with a dynamic, interactive program that puts your brand front and center.

Introducing Brandstage.

For decades, the Second City stages have served as comedy laboratories, where ideas are born and evolve in front of a live audience. It’s hands-on, audience-driven consumer insights that unfold before your eyes in real time, and it works. In fact, this concept is the exact antithesis of traditional one-way market research conducted behind two-way mirrors.

  • Here’s what we do:
  • Our directors transform your research into a Second City-style revue
  • Actors improvise scenes, creating characters and originating fresh ideas
  • Emotional responses are measured by the laughter level
  • We use that feedback to dive into insightful group discussions

The applications are limitless. New products, new campaigns, to gain a better understanding a specific audience or demographic, to tweak your messaging, even to uncover why something just plain flopped.

Don’t wait to get feedback after your next launch. See your idea in action first.

  • Here’s why Brandstage works:
  • The data happens in real-time, so you learn more, faster
  • We create an entertaining stimuli that elicits visceral reactions
  • Invites true collaboration–there’s no “us” or “them” in the room

There’s zero point in re-confirming what you already know.

No one tells a chef “coulda used more coriander” once the dish is presented on the plate with a parsley garnish. But ask someone to taste the sauce while it’s still on the stove? They’ll tell you what you need to do to make it better–because people want to play a part in wins, not failures.

Brandstage results are win-win. Both marketers and insight teams leave the theater that day with a wealth of new insights and added empathy for their consumers. The best part of all? The process is genuinely fun. That’s just what we do.

Watch the case studies below to find out how it all plays out.

Vixen Vodka

Vixen Vodka was searching for their Big Idea. They wanted to upset the vodka category with a strong message by understanding consumer behavior and knew they needed non-traditional methods to yield uncommon results. Here’s what happened.


Following a strategic merger, the leadership team at Mexican airline Volaris wanted to ensure they were elevating the best of their brand value. In one day, collaboratively mapped the a brand story and identified a purpose that would touch customers, employees and vendors.

Ready to head into the idea lab? Contact us today.

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