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Consumer Insights Programs

Brandstage: Breaking the Mirror is Actually Good Luck — When it’s a Two-Way Mirror

Remember those two-way mirrors we used to use to observe consumer feedback? Let’s just go ahead and smash those mirrors and pretend that didn’t happen. Turns out, being innocently voyeuristic is not the best way to learn consumer truths. But the process of gathering consumer insight doesn’t need to be bland. Challenging? Sure. But how about fun?

Enter Brandstage. Using the same award-winning, audience-driven techniques we’ve used at Second City for more than 55 years, we’re breaking down barriers to new ideas with this dynamic, interactive approach to surfacing consumer insights.

So go ahead – shatter those two-way mirrors and watch the video below to learn more about Brandstage. Don’t worry, you only get seven years of bad luck when you break a regular old reflective mirror, so you’re all good.

  • Fine, fine. But what’s so special about Brandstage anyway?
  • Great improvisation finds truth by co-creating with your audiences.
  • Great comedy reflects truth in unexpected and interesting ways.
  • We go further faster. We explore and heighten. We get to truly differentiated insights. We never settle for the “oh, duh” or “me, too.”

Give the audience what they want: a front-row seat.

Like text instead of video? No problem! Here’s how Second City Works engages consumer audiences in a way that’s fun and meaningful. As with most joyous things, the answer is improv and theatre. Our directors transform your research into a Second City revue, with actors improvising scenes, creating characters, and originating fresh ideas. We gauge the consumer audience’s laughter and emotional responses, using their feedback to dive deep into group discussions. It’s certainly more effective than jotting down insights from the other side of a pane of glass.

The results are a win-win, with the added benefit of laughter. Both marketers and insight teams leave with a bunch of new insights and added empathy for their consumers. The best part of all, though? It shows that the process can actually be fun, too.

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