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Let’s Do Trust Falls! Or, Let’s Not. Ever.


By Doug Hutton – VP, Operations

You launch a new web site and still, a good amount remains on the cutting room floor. Inevitably, there are a few nuggets of great, necessary information on said floor. Here at Second City Works, we aren’t immune to this phenomenon, and our clients have done an excellent job of finding some of those shortfalls in the first two weeks post website launch. Without further ado, may I present the Second City Works FAQ – all (most? some?) of the questions you’ve wanted to ask about working with us that we have failed to put on our website!

I told a white lie. Two bits of further ado before I dive in. This post is the essence of co-creation, both with our clients and my colleagues. All I did was send an email to our team asking for the most common questions you ask us. That means every question below has come up more than once, even the funny ones. Second, keep asking! What is second nature to us may be new to you. It’s on us to be others-focused and better communicators; we need to live what we teach. And here we go.

Do you travel at all? Can you come to my location for our program?

Absolutely! More often than not, our teams are out at our clients’ offices across the United States and Canada. This year, we’ve even delivered programs in Slovakia, Dubai, Australia, and China. You’re always welcome at Second City too – our theaters are pretty great.

Are you part of the actual Second City or are you just using their brand?

We’re the real deal. The one and only. Need some show tickets or want to take a class at the Training Center? Check out the full Second City site.

What’s the recommended attire? What do we wear for one of your live learning events?

I’ll let Chrissy Borne handle this one. “I always follow it up with ‘Lycra. Movement clothes.’ Then I wait for a response and say, ‘KIDDING. Wear whatever you want! We wear business casual.’”

How customized is your curriculum?

We tailor every program to your business challenge and kick off each engagement with a creative questionnaire designed to share what’s driving your work with us. No two programs will ever be the same. We may use the same improv exercise, but how our facilitators debrief that exercise with your teams will be all about you.

What if no one wants to participate? Have you ever had no one speak up?

Butch Jerinic, facilitator and designer for Second City Works, over to you. “It has never been a problem. Some folks might be slower to start, but since we know what your goals are, we can  speak to them to get the conversation going. And there is always at least one person who has something to say!”

Can you make fun of some people attending or roast my boss? Could Tina Fey or Steve Carell lead our session? Can we hire a couple comedians to roam our holiday party and do bits?  Is alcohol helpful in loosening people up?

As I said in the introduction, all real questions. Let’s say no and move on before I get anyone in trouble.

Tell me about the logistics of a workshop. How does these things actually work?

We cap our sessions at 50 people, although the best experience occurs in a room of 25-35 total. Our half-day sessions last 3 hours; our full-day sessions run 6 hours (with breaks, of course!). All we need is a large room with a circle of chairs and a whiteboard. It’s a completely immersive experience. No binders, no PowerPoints, no technology – just authentic human connections.

How do we sustain the learning beyond a live session?

Improv is all about practice. Our best clients co-create ongoing programs with us, some working with us quarterly to build on the previous session. Others use RealBiz Shorts to reinforce key learning points with short, funny video. We even have digital storytelling programs that blend live and online learning. In short – plenty of ways to do it!

How do I start engaging with Second City Works?

Admittedly, this question is a plant. I get one, right? Contact us via that paper airplane in the upper right corner, or send us an email at We’re always onboard for some co-creation and collaboration.

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