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All of Us Are Better Than One of Us – Collaboration Propels Individuals and Groups

Because A Pyramid Is Greater Than A Bunch Of Disorganized Bricks

Team collaboration is a core necessity in the workplace. Think of it like a pyramid. When everyone works together, it gets built properly. When they don’t, it’s a massive cluster of annoying bricks.

We design our team building programs to help individuals be others-focused, become better listeners, and turn monologues into dialogues. By tapping into this mindset and practicing these skills, your team can generate more ideas and solve problems more effectively in an environment of support and play.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.

– Plato, philosopher
We’ve all heard the phrase “your team is only as good as its weakest member.” We think differently. We suggest that “your team is only as good as its ability to compensate for its weakest member.” All the players matter. We can ignite your group to take advantage of your introverts and your extroverts.

  • What makes for great team collaboration
  • Have each other’s backs and constantly show support
  • Surrender your need to be right and trust your colleagues
  • Give value and recognition to diverse ideas and voices
  • Create and evaluate – but not at the same time
  • Allow your idea to become everyone’s idea

Your teams are waiting for Second City Works.

We co-create a tailored curriculum for every engagement, focused on the skills that drive better teamwork and ensemble. The programs are experiential, as participants engage in a series of exercises that get them interacting. It wouldn’t be team collaboration without it. After each exercise, Second City-trained facilitators take time to discuss the experience and provide time to note discoveries, challenges, and real-world applications. Contact us today to collaborate with us, and take a look at our thinking on the ensemble effect while you’re at it!

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