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Get In On the Act – Co-Create Compelling Stories That Stick

Curiosity Kills The Cat But Inspires The Audience (Unless You’re Speaking To An Audience Of Cats)

Humans have craved stories since the first cavemen gathered around the first fire and talked about how they discovered fire. It’s in our DNA. And yet, from sales reps to senior executives, storytelling falls victim to scripted pitches and underwhelming memos. We believe storytelling skills aren’t a “nice to have”, they’re crucial to successful business.

Stop informing your audience. We’ve been informed to death. Consider the effect of inspiring the audience. Comforting them. Maybe even amusing them.

– Andy Eninger, Head of The Second City writing program and lead designer and facilitator

Presentation skills affect HOW you say something; storytelling skills affect WHAT you say.  A proper mix makes for an engaging presentation. We focus on both of these to enhance your delivery and truly connect with your audience.

  • Learn what makes for a great story
  • Apply theatre techniques to improve physical, emotional, and verbal presence
  • Listen to and collaborate with your audience to hit the right emotional mark
  • Develop each story’s hero & give your audience that role to make the story more powerful
  • Write and edit your story to make it as concise and powerful as possible
  • Demonstrate a transformation that drives action & change from your audience

Make your team the hero of this story.

Our storytelling programs help bring your product, processes, ideas, and data to life. Through a series of interactive exercises, your team will learn to command attention through stories that make the audience the hero. Because when the audience is the hero, the audience is listening.

Contact us today to co-create your story with us, and view the Hero’s Journey while you’re waiting for your Second City Works experience to start!

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