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Empower Leadership to Follow and Lead

There Actually Is An “I” In Leadership But It’s A Small “i”

The tenets of improv are crucial for collaboration and apply directly to the workplace. Through our proven leadership development techniques, we’ll help you unlock the power of the ensemble to realize your group’s full potential.

Leaders who can get comfortable with being uncomfortable inspire courageous authenticity in others.

– Robyn Scott, Facilitator, Actor, and Producer

Be nimble and curious. Stay open to possibility. Collaborate.

Being stubborn towards change will quickly render you obsolete. Through training in the art of improv, leaders learn how to best handle change and help your team adapt too.

Embrace a “yes, and” mentality, build on each other’s ideas, and foster an office culture of learning and innovating. Create an environment where people feel gratitude for their work.

Leaders who create that collaborative space yield more original ideas and creativity from the team. It’s not rocket science: when you support and value your people, they’re more willing to participate and take risks.

  • The key principles of our leadership learning
  • Have each others’ backs and show support
  • Prioritize trusting your colleagues over your need to be “right”
  • Recognize and encourage diverse ideas and voices
  • Create and evaluate – but not at the same time
  • Allow your idea to become everyone’s idea
  • Remember that none of us is as smart as all of us

Here’s how we make better leaders.

At Second City Works, we use these principles to boost collaboration through live learning and to reinforce leadership development through digital content. Partner with us to create leaders and teams that will flourish in today’s work environment. To get started, contact us and view our Leadership Ladder to lead your team to peak performance.

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