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Exceptional Leadership Is An Artform

Leadership Development That Empowers

  • High potentials.
  • Middle managers.
  • The C-suite.

The struggle is real for every type of manager. You’ve got to support company strategies and goals, inspire confidence inside and even outside the organization, function as a mentor, boss, coach, friend and therapist. And that’s all before your 11:00.

Using the very same principles Second City directors employ to create critically acclaimed shows with performers, producers, writers, musicians and stage crews, we can show you how leaders who champion a collaborative space yield more original ideas and creativity from the team.

  • The key principles of our proven leadership learning:
  • Recognizing and encouraging diverse ideas and voices
  • Creating and evaluating–but not at the same time
  • Prioritizing trusting your colleagues over your need to be “right”
  • Allowing your idea to become everyone’s idea
  • Building trust and expanding influence

Leaders who can get comfortable with being uncomfortable inspire courageous authenticity in others.

–Robyn Scott, Facilitator, Actor and Producer

Rethink how you work

Announcing RewireU, the professional development program at The Second City Training Center.

RewireU is for companies that want to empower their high-potential employees in rethinking how they work to advance their career. Learn new tactics for handling conflict, sharing opinions, championing projects, overcoming change and collaborating.

Be famous around the office–for all the right reasons.

Contact us today to get started.

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