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Unlock and Unleash Innovation and Creativity Using the Improviser’s Mindset

Ideas May Not Pay the Bills, but They Are the New Currency!

No one likes being shut down. Remember prom? Rejection sucks. But it’s this fear of rejection that so often keeps people from sharing their ideas and unleashing true innovation and creativity!

At The Second City, we teach the core concept “Yes, And” to affirm and build, heightening awareness of every idea’s value. To boost innovation and creativity, you’ll learn how to create an atmosphere that encourages risk taking and produces better understanding and success.

Create from abundance. Consider multiple framing options for your story, and choose the one that’s most interesting for your audience (and for you).

-Andy Eninger, Head of The Second City writing program and lead designer and facilitator

Our innovation and creativity programs focus on speed and abundance, building skills to generate more ideas with a higher hit rate. Using techniques that let our improvisers create something out of nothing every night on stage, we improve your organization’s capacity to innovate and solve problems.

  • What we know brings creativity out in everyone
  • Acknowledge and value ideas from all sources
  • Stay open to possibility – love every idea for a little while
  • Look for ways something will work before looking for ways it won’t
  • Embrace risk and failure in order to inspire and innovate

Come for the experience. Stay for innovation.

Our sessions are experiential. Participants engage in exercises that get them interacting. After each exercise, facilitators take time to discuss the experience and provide time to note discoveries, challenges, and real-world applications. The tone is conversational, playful, and light.

Give it a shot. Our programs run from 3 hours to multiple days, from 20 people to large groups. We’ll innovate at your office, our theaters, or anywhere in between. No AV required; just a room, chairs, and a flip chart. We’ll kick off with a creative questionnaire to discuss your objectives and customize each program accordingly.

Contact us to learn more!

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