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Nurture Activity & Engage with Laughter

Here’s How to Perform CPR on Conferences, Metaphorically Speaking Of Course

For some, the whole concept of a conference, or any event entertainment, is so dreadful that they begin daydreaming about drowning. Well, forget that! Second City Works is your metaphorical lifeguard. We will dive in and save you from boredom-induced drowning dreams through authentic event entertainment.

The key to our “CPR”? Improv! It’s the vital oxygen your events need to inject some life into a routine most audiences fear. Interaction is important, and that’s what conferences should be about. For your next conference or all-hands meeting we’ve got the recipe for success. It’s a handy mix of interactivity, reinforcement, skill-building and fun.

Customers want to be heard and feel valued. Presenting a dialog, not a monologue, will ensure engagement. Oh, and having fun. They may not remember all the information you have for them on tap, but they will remember how they feel in your presence.

– Butch Jerinic, facilitator and actor

  • The cool ways we engage your audience
  • Interactive Improv Keynote: Through small group exercises and facilitated discussion, we’ll provide a crash course in improv fundamentals as tools for better communication, collaboration, innovation, and agility. Customize this program to focus on other areas such as leadership, sales effectiveness, diversity & inclusion, and more.
  • Custom Scenic Support: To bring your content to life and build a thematic through-line, we’ll perform custom scenes throughout the event. Our writers will work with you to identify what’s “true” about your company, industry, or audience. They turn that into a series of funny, smart sketches that entertain, educate and inspire.
  • Hosting: An experienced host will welcome your audience and warm up the crowd. The host provides energy bumps by ad-libbing, transitioning between segments and introducing speakers with humor.
  • Interactive Talk Show: Our host transforms a presentation or panel discussion into a conversational, authentic talk show experience. We’ll tee up your key points with relevant questions and add some personality. Most importantly, we showcase your people as experts and help them truly connect with the audience.

Don’t let your event costs go for naught if everyone immediately forgets everything. Work with us to make sure things stick. We customize all of our engagements based on your event and objectives.

Contact us today to start the conversation. Your audience awaits.

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