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Show Don’t Tell – Cut Through the Noise With Authentic Communication

Don’t Be the Person Who Sends Mean Email, Or Why Effective Communication Matters

Communication is the foundation of a productive workplace. Unfortunately, face-to-face conversation has taken a hit lately and it’s impossible to express tone via email. Plus, with five generations currently in the workforce, if you don’t practice effective communication, you basically end up speaking five different languages.

To become a more effective and powerful communicator, focus on the 3 C’s – Connection, Curiosity, and Clarity.

– Mark Sutton, Artistic Director of Learning and Development

With so much one-way shouting on social media, we forget that communication is a two-way street. It’s as much about the receiver as it is about the sender. We provide your team with the tools for effective communication, develop these skills as a group, and discuss how to incorporate them in every interaction.

  • Our key principles for effective communication
  • Active listening – listen to understand, not just respond
  • Build your conversation – use “yes, and” to create an atmosphere that accepts risk taking
  • Make every message count – consider word choice from the recipient’s perspective to take responsibility for the audience understanding your message

Bring our 55+ years of audience-centered communication to your teams.

We tailor every program for the client to fit your unique communication challenge. No AV needed when we gather, just a friendly circle of chairs. We believe in real life interaction to teach (and learn) communication skills. Two Second City-trained facilitators lead every session, passing along their wisdom heightened by years of audience co-creation.

Our communication skills programs are for any team that wants to work together cohesively. We can’t promise an end to mean emails, but we can provide the confidence to talk face-to-face. View more about how unlocking “yes, and” is the communication key, and contact us to learn more.

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