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Diversity & Inclusion Is Hard, But Comedy Helps

All Of Us Are Better Than One Of Us

We know. These are difficult conversations.

At any level, it’s never easy to talk about diversity and inclusion. People are afraid to engage in conversations that highlight our differences. It’s only logical that comedy–used the right way–can help. Turns out, the very same skills that make successful improvisers can also support an inclusive culture.

Improv gives individuals the orientation to see obstacles as anything but. It also enhances empathy and enables new perspectives, giving individuals practice in not only seeing it another way–but doing it another way.

The Second City believes that everyone, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation should experience the gift of improvisation and actively champions diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of the institution and associated programming. To enhance that mission, Second City Works brings engaging, relevant programs to corporate organizations and talent seeking to foster an inclusive environment. Read more about The Second City Diversity & Inclusion initiatives here.

Is D&I important just because it’s the right thing to do?

  • Sure, that’s part of it. But it’s also good for the bottom line. We’ve seen it for ourselves at Second City:
  • Employees who feel supported produce better insight and results
  • Organizations become more profitable
  • Productivity soars as teams collaborate
  • Audience and customer bases increase
  • Inclusion breeds innovation and abundance
  • Developing diverse mindsets
  • Cross-cultural and global communication
  • Inclusive leadership

What Second City Works offers:

Our curriculum works to disarm people and create an open environment. The sessions are experiential, as participants engage in a series of exercises that get them interacting. After each exercise, facilitators take time to discuss the experience and provide time to note discoveries, challenges and real-world applications.

  • Topics include:
  • Multicultural competency
  • Multicultural inclusion
  • Unconscious bias

To form a strong ensemble, we must create an environment of respect that encourages diverse points of view and empowers people to speak up about them.

– Piero Procaccini, Facilitator, teacher, director and performer

There’s a great phrase in improvisation: “All of us are better than one of us.” At the end of the day, diversity and inclusion isn’t about being politically correct; it’s about harnessing the extraordinary potential of a workforce made up of five generations…and infinite points of view.

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Diversity: All of Us are Better than One of Us

Diversity: All of Us are Better than One of Us

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