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Create a Culture of Support, Empathy, and Dialogues Over Monologues

It Would Suck To Work With a Bunch of People Exactly Like Yourself, Wouldn’t It?

Diversity and inclusion is essential in the workplace. It’s like a puzzle set – if all the pieces are the same, you won’t get anywhere. You need complementary pieces to solve challenging problems.

We believe that the same skills that make successful improvisers can also support an inclusive culture. By offering experiences, unpacking ideas, and providing real-world tools, our programs give participants ways to practice inclusion. 

One of the greatest strengths of an ensemble is that, together, we are going to come up with ideas that neither one of us would have imagined alone. To form a strong ensemble, we must create an environment of respect that encourages diverse points of view and empowers people to speak up about them.

– Piero Procaccini, Facilitator, teacher, director, and performer

Making difficult conversations easier with comedy and improv.

Diversity and inclusion is a difficult conversation to have at any level. Second City Works brings the tools to disarm people, create an open environment, and have this conversation authentically. Improvisation gives individuals the orientation to see obstacles as gifts. It also enhances empathy and enables new perspectives, giving individuals practice in not only seeing it another way, but doing it another way.

  • Why D&I? The list could be endless
  • Employees who feel supported produce better insight and results
  • Organizations become more profitable
  • Productivity soars as teams collaborate
  • Inclusion breeds innovation and abundance

You can make the right move on diversity and inclusion.

D&I covers a lot of ground. Finding the common ground means better teamwork, communication and organization success. Second City Works has developed curriculum focused on the skills and behaviors that build inclusive workplace cultures. Topics include bringing your whole self to work, multicultural competency, multicultural inclusion, unconscious bias, developing diverse mindsets, cross-cultural and global communication, and inclusive leadership.

The sessions are experiential, as participants engage in a series of exercises that get them interacting. After each exercise, facilitators take time to discuss the experience and provide time to note discoveries, challenges, and real-world applications. Share our thinking on building inclusive teams with your colleagues, then contact us to get started.

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