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Understanding Consumer Behavior

Vixen Vodka

Girls Night In – Understanding Consumer Behavior Case Study

“Girls Night In” Vixen Vodka is new(ish) on the scene and wanted to upset the vodka category with a strong message by understanding consumer behavior. They knew they needed non-traditional methods to yield uncommon results and were searching for a way to find their “Big Idea”.

We began by thoroughly exploring the Vixen brand – beyond vodka, we wanted to understand the lifestyle markers around the brand and really focus on understanding consumer behavior when it came to Vixen. We then brought the Vixen team into our theater to see their brand reflected in a human storyboard – through scenes, songs, monologues and improvisation we put the brand on its feet in our one-of-a-kind BrandStage experience. With this physical manifestation, the brand team was able to quickly identify creative territories that felt ownable and rich – leap-frogging them to the finish line of their creative process.

“This was a brands dream come true” – Leanne Maxwell CEO Vixen

Show Don’t Tell – Cut Through the Noise With Authentic Communication
Improv(e) Brand Performance

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