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Compliance training

Spectra Energy

Compliance Training Spectra Energy Case Study

Spectra Energy has a large, non-office based, largely non-connected workforce and finding access and time to “train” is difficult. This is particularly true when it comes to important, but often dull topics like ethics and compliance training. So how do you make these serious topics interesting and relevant to a smart but often apathetic audience? You call Second City Works.

Instead of a series of “Death by PowerPoint” podium speeches, Spectra partnered with SCW to create a series of fun, interactive talk shows. These talk shows toured around to a dozen different facilities. Just like most talk shows that you see on TV, the focal point of this compliance road show was an interview. Two Second City personalities teed up talking points for Spectra experts so that they could impart their knowledge in a more relaxed and conversational tone. Our hosts improvised in the moment to keep things lively, mixed in scenes and RealBiz Shorts videos to tee up talking points and introduced tailored topical games with audience response to keep the program interactive.

The events was a huge success and Second City Works and Spectra continue the partnership adding more cities and more shows each time.

Nurture Activity & Engage with Laughter
Boring-Proof Professional Development

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