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consumer engagement


Finding a Unique Path to Consumer Engagement

Nissan wanted to create buzz for their newest next-gen SUV crossover and at the same time increase consumer engagement. Using the features and benefits of the Pathfinder, Second City and Nissan created custom music videos for Pathfinder Facebook Fans during a 12 hour event! Pathfinder fans entered genres, lyrics, titles and personal information – then sat back and waited for their personalized music video to be shared with them. We called it “An Improv-Tastic Road Trip” and racked up millions of impressions and miles of consumer engagement.

The Results? 21,374 tab views, 19,208 new fans, 75% of fans talking about the new pathfinder during the event, 4772 hand raisers for more information on the new Pathfinder, 143,589 total video views and 182,707,995 total social media impressions for Pathfinder.

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