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Brand Strategy


Let’s Get Real – Clorox Brand Strategy Case Study

Clorox’s brand strategy and brand identity were shifting from “white sheets in the wind” to a more grounded and authentic tone. With the less aspirational tone, Clorox decided to use comedy to have real conversations about everyday messes and mess makers. This led them to a key question: If comedy is subjective, what is “Clorox Funny”?

First, we had to untangle the definition of “Clorox Funny” and map it out for the different teams that tough the brand. Second City ran a Comedy Litmus Test immersion with Clorox’s top folks and came out the other side with a roadmap for how to use comedy with Clorox. Next, we had to put it into practice over social media. We teamed up with Rachel Dratch and created a customized Twitter event that celebrated the messes of normal life – with staggering results.

What Does Improv Have To Do With Business?
Improv(e) Brand Performance

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