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BlueCross BlueShield

Humor to Cut Through the Clutter

RealBiz Shorts delivers short, funny videos in context to reinforce the messages and improv skills that your leaders need to develop high-performing teams. Blue Cross Blue Shield joined us to collaborate with us to produce just-in-time content that brings life to leadership training within day-to-day team interactions. We use humor to cut through the clutter, make the message memorable, and bring an improviser’s skill set to the always-changing set of challenges your leaders face each day.

Improv relies on audience suggestion and our co-creation process for RealBiz Shorts is no different. We bring talent leaders together at our theaters, where our actors improvise scenes based on relevant challenges your teams face. Knowing humor reveals truth, this real-time collaboration unearths far more compelling and emotional insights. These scenes and insights become the basis for our content, content that resonates precisely because of your involvement.

Nurture Activity & Engage with Laughter
Laugh. Learn. Retain. Repeat.

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