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The 5 ways of what I learned that will help your success in my experience


By Brynne Humphreys – Vice President of Client Services

We’re all a part of this Linked In Family, right?  So I don’t need to tell you the top 3 ways you’ve been losing sight of the number 1 thing.  You already get it.

See, the key thing you’re missing is the engagement.  And also the authenticity.  And too, you need to consider the inspiration that comes from being collaborative.  This is where you’ve gone wrong.

Consider this:  10 out of 10 people communicate with another person at some point in their lives.   Ask yourself – am I one of those people?  

The answer could be yes, even if you don’t realize it.  And what would be worse: being in the 10 out of 10, or being outside of that group without being aware?
It reminds me of a personal and relevant business story/anecdote.  An inspirational mentor of mine was in a specific situation that required action and had an outcome.  An interpersonal experience ensued and the situation was resolved without racism, sexism or physical harm.

The real question is:  What kind of change can you expect to happen if you’re wearing the same clothes as yesterday? In our survey, 100% of respondents hadn’t considered how this could be affecting them professionally.  

  • Much like my inspirational mentor, I believe we can communicate and find solutions by engaging in 4 predictable patterns.
  • Finding scenarios: In order to firmly to be in the 10 out of 10, you need to find yourself in the path of human interaction.  I recommend asking yourself, “Am I a reclusive hermit or do I leave my house from time to time?”  Think about impacts.
  • Opening up your mind: If your mind is closed to the idea of communication and change, you need to communicate that change to your closed mind.  Consider doing this step first.
  • Being a person: One of the most overlooked elements of that story is that it involvedpeople.  If you are a houseplant or a fish, ask yourself if that is really serving you.
  • Not being an a**hole: In many situations the idea of not outwardly being THE WORST has shown moderate success.  It doesn’t work for everyone – could it work for you?

At the end of the day, we are all working towards the same thing:  unrealistic standards and shame around how we conduct ourselves and what success looks like.  Taking advice from me is guaranteed to improve your sense of arbitrary self-improvement, and will show immediate results in no category at all.

Ask yourself this.  How much better am I from having read this Thought Leadership?  The correct answer is:  ALL BETTER.  If you share this post, everyone else will know this as well.  Buy my book.

Become others-focused to see another POV,  D&I,  I don't want to make the wrong move on D&I


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