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15 Bad Ideas For Your National Sales Meeting


By Kelly Leonard – Executive Director, Insights and Applied Improvisation

It’s the new year and sales teams from all over the country are meeting in exotic locations like Orlando and Scottsdale to re-energize and re-imagine sales strategies that probably look a lot like they did last year. Inevitably, business leaders have spared no expense to inspire and entertain their employees. Here are a few acts that we suggest you leave off your entertainment short list.

Corporate magician/monologist.

Spyro Gyra Cover Band.

Suze Orman’s third cousin removed, Vince.


Drill Team.

Guy Fieri.

Gallagher’s Brother, Ron.


Hot Air Balloon Race.

Sven Gunderson, the 816th person to climb Mt. Everest.

Motivational Mentalist.

Chief Food Innovator, Chilli’s.

Up With People – The Original Cast!

Pharma Bro: The Musical.

James Franco.

We make meetings better.

Engaging and funny beats dry and boring,  I have passive listeners instead of active participants,  live events,  sales effectiveness


Corporate Hecklers and Deafening Silence: How I Totally Misread the Audience

Corporate Hecklers and Deafening Silence: How I Totally Misread the Audience

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